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Thank you for visiting Lowe's RV, one of the largest RV Dealerships in SE New Mexico and West Texas, and for making us a part of your RV selection and service process. Family owned and operated in Hobbs, NM, for over 26 years, Lowe's RV not only has a huge inventory of new and used campers, we also provide RV Parts, RV warranty service, RV Accessories, and RV Financing for the most popular recreational vehicles on and off the Highway. Family with New Coleman Tent Trailer

Choose an RV that's right for your family. In addition to floorplan, price range, slide outs, and sleeping capacity, RVs and towable trailers come in many flavors depending on your specific needs and how you plan to use your RV.

5th Wheels

Sometimes referred to as Goosenecks (must use a gooseneck adapter), most customers that have pulled a 5th wheel prefer the ride and stability, shortened overall length of the tow vehicle and trailer, and ease of backing up provided by 5th Wheel trailers. Other factors can include:
  • Truck - You can't typically pull a 5th wheel with a car or SUV. You'll need a truck. Generally, a half ton can pull between 6-9,000lbs., a three-quarter ton can pull 8-13,000 lbs., and a one ton can pull between 12-18,000 lbs. ALWAYS check the rating of your vehicle as the ratings vary widely.
  • Weight rating- Check the tag inside the driver's door, the Owner's Manual, or your vehicle manufacturer's website for weight ratings. Our service department can help you make sure.
  • Bed Length- Long bed trucks allow the most bed room, short beds can usually handle a 5th wheel hitch. Some short beds can be 5 feet 6 inches, 5 foot 8 inches, and typically 6 feet or longer. Standard 5th wheel hitches are available that are easy to remove from the bed when not in use. You can also purchase manual and automatic extender hitches that allow the hitch (and trailer) to extend away from the cab. We can also extend the pin box of the trailer. Please measure and bring the length of your bed and we'll help you make certain you don't risk bumping your cab in a tight turn, one bump can be more expense than doing it right the first time.

  • Travel Trailers

    Also known as tongue pull, pull behind, tag along and bumper pull trailers, can be towed behind almost any tow vehicle including trucks, SUVs and sometimes cars. Other factors can include:

  • Type of hitch- A typical receiver hitch and wiring can be installed on most vehicles once you know the weight rating for your vehicle.
  • Weight rating - Check the tag inside the driver's door, the Owner's Manual, or your vehicle manufacturer's website for weight ratings. Our service department can help you make sure.
  • Equalizer- Many customers prefer an equalizer hitch with sway control to help stabilize the travel trailer on the road. These can be added at any time.

  • Toy Haulers

    Often referred as Gear boxes or motorcycle trailers, come in 5th Wheel and Travel Trailer versions and usually have a ramp into a compartment to transport your motorcycles and ATVs with you, without pulling a utility trailer behind. Other factors can include:

  • Box Design- Models generally come with either an open or closed (sealed) compartment.
  • Number/Size/Weight of ATVs - You will likely need the length, width and weight of the units you intend to haul.
  • Features- Toy haulers generally come with a generator unless it is an entry level unit.Some models have slide outs, bunk beds, and even external fuel stations to help avoid the gasoline smell.

  • Tent Trailers

    Also known as pop-ups, folding trailers, soft side, or canvas camping trailers. These trailers are great if you are limited on storage and/or weight rating on your tow vehicle. Generally weighing in between 1000 and 5000 lbs. and can be pulled by most cars and light SUVs as well as smaller trucks. Some models include a motorcycle or ATV cargo deck to provide the toy hauler capability. Other considerations include:

  • Entry level units are inexpensive and usually come standard with a heater/furnace and awning.
  • Restroom facilities- from porta potties all the way to stand up showers, there are models that fit most needs.
  • Options can include air conditioning, bike racks, microwaves, and lots more.

  • Motorhomes

    Motorhomes are either diesel or gasoline powered and come in three main classes. Class A is referred to as the bus look, Class B usually have the conversion van look, and Class C is the overhead camper type and all three are available from short to very long. Other factors include:

  • Slide-outs- From zero to 4 slide-outs are generally available.
  • Engine placement - Pushers have a rear mounted engine.
  • Features- If you want it, you can pretty much get it in a motorhome, only limited by cost.

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